About Us

Jobs4pilots specialises on pilot jobs with airlines in the Asia Pacific region.

We offer a wide range of possibilities and work free of charge as our costs are covered by our partners.

After advising you on the opportunity that best matches what you seek we provide you with all the information required to make the next career step.

Our team of experienced recruiters and expat pilots has over ten years’ experience in helping people find a job.

Next to that we all live abroad, so we give you first-hand information.

For you this means that we do more than just provide you with an overview of vacancies.

We help you with:

  • comparison of salary plans,
  • local information as housing, schooling, doctors and hospitals,
  • information regarding license conversion,
  • preparation for medical tests abroad.

We collect the latest trend and requirements on fleets, vacancies, salary packages and offer relocation assistance.

This enables us to make the interview process and international transfer as smooth as possible.

To get started:

  • Let us know what you are looking for and we will do the hard work of finding the best match.
  • Send us your resume and we will help you tailor it to get the attention of the best employers.
  • We will provide you with personal assistance through the entire interview process.
  • We advise you on country specific information: work permit, relocation, schooling, tax.

Jobs4pilots helps you through the entire application process and remains your point of contact throughout your career.

Let’s set up a call to get further acquainted!