Captain ATR-72 600

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Fleet Info

ATR 72-500: 4 (1 on order)
ATR 72-600: 2


  • Minimum flying experience - 2000Hrs,
  • Minimum PIC flying experience – 1000 hrs,
  • Minimum PIC on type - 100 hrs with current IR/PPC (Pilot’s Proficiency Checks),
  • Recent experience - at least three takes-off and landings within the preceding 90 days on the type of aircraft applied for, or in a flight simulator approved for the purpose.

Salary & Benefits

ATR72-600: US$ 10,000 (Net of Tax)

  • Overtime: USD 110/hr towards any flying in excess of 80 hrs. (on scheduled block time) per month.
  • Housing at base location.
  • USD 5,000 performance bonus.
  • USD 5,000 per year to keep Home country licence current.
  • Company medical coverage.
  • Family vacation tickets.

Roster pattern: 08 Weeks ON/ 03 Weeks Off

Interview Procedure

To apply send your resume, license, medical and passport to:


1. Documents screening,

2. Skype interview, when succesfull offer in 3 days,

3. Security clearance approval (takes 8-12 weeks in India),

4. Visa application and joining.



Contact person

Boudewijn van Heezik