A330 Captain

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Company Info

For one of our clients we are seeking A330 Captains to be based in Jordan and fly to European and African countries.

Fleet Info

The company has 2 A330.

Vacancies and Requirements

We are seeking 3 Captain to fly from the base in Jordan to European and African countries.


  • Valid ATPL license with currentA330 TR.
  • >5000 hours on commercial aircraft with >2000 hours on A330 as PIC.

Salary & Benefits

$11,500 US per month; consists of basic $4,000 US and $7,000 US (included transportation and seniority allowances).

TRI/TRE allowance: $1000 US per month.

Accommodation Allowance: $500 US per month.

Out of Base Allowance: $50 US/Night Stop out of Jordan, in addition to another 50 Usd$ per Ops flying day out of Jordan (to perform at least 1 flight)
$10 US per each performed sector base Jordan "Regular Flights".

Rotation: 45 Days on 15 Days off home base Jordan OR 60 days of vacation per year.

Pilot can take 30 days on 30 days off (30% from salary within the 30 days off). Subject to HOD FOPS approval based on the seasonality.

During the transition period – once you arrive Jordan, you will be entitled for Hotel accommodation on BB bases and transportation arrangements and pocket money of 4,000 Usd$ a month providing not to exceed 45 days to be final clear on the line as 330 captain.

Interview Procedure

Send your resume, license, medical and passport to: jordanA330@jobs4pilots.com and we will screen this within 3 days.

After that there is a Skype interview and a financial offer and the employment contract will be submitted.


Amman Jordan

Contact person

A.M. Ward