A320 Captain


Company Info

Are you an A320 Captain ready to join one of the most successful airlines in Asia?

For a low-cost airline based in China with a passenger network to 60 destinations and several international ones we seek experienced A320 Captains.

Fleet Info

35 A320's and growing every year.


  • A320 captain
  • TFT over 5000hrs
  • A320 PIC over 1000hrs
  • Valid A320 ATPL
  • Valid Class 1 Medical
  • English proficiency 4 or above
  • last fllight within 6 months

Salary & Benefits

There are two different possible rosters to choose from:

Option 1: 3 weeks ON, 1 weeks OFF and 15 days leave Basic $19,000 USD per month plus $300 USD per hour over 80 hours
Option 2: 20 days ON, 10 days OFF (also 6 wks on 3 wks off) Basic $18,000 USD per month plus $264 USD per hour over 75 hours

Annual bonus: 1st year $8,000US, 2nd year $12,000US, 3rd year $15,000US.

Travel allowance: $10,000US per year.

Tickets: 80% off ID tickets of all West Air’s routes and other airlines in HNA group. Unlimited jump-to-seat on domestic routes for pilots.

Insurance: Employee liability insurance, medical insurance and Loss of license insurance.

School fee: Discounted tuition fee for children.

Safety bonus: 10,000 USD every 12months without incident/accident; In the case of one incident occurring, there will be a 50% reduction in safety bonus; Two incidents or accidents means no safety pay.

Contract term: 3 years or 6 years (renewable with extra bonus of $25,000USD if you renew for three years, $30,000USD if you renew for six)

Interview Procedure

Call Boudewijn van Heezik on +66 937 487 338 for more infomation or send us your resume: captain@jobs4pilots.com.



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Boudewijn van Heezik