Peach Aviation Ltd.

Company profile
Peach Aviation is a budget carrier based in Japan at Kansai International Airport in Osaka.

Peach was established in 2011 as the LCC daughter of All Nippon Airways and started operations in March 2012.

The company has been striving to become the 'bridge in Asia' and looks to bring people together at modest fares.
Peach has a high load factor due to an exclusive terminal and 24-hour operations combined with a strong focus on certain passenger experience factors such as reservations and check-in systems.

In 2015 they became the first airline in northeast Asia to receive the title of ‘LCC of the Year’ from CAPA.

Last year they merged with Vanilla Air, having 21 aircraft A320-200 on 39 routes and planning to grow to over 50 in 2020, on 50 routes.
Peach has hubs at Kansai International Airport in Osaka and at Naha Airport on the island of Okinawa.
27 Airbus A320-200
Current Vacancies
A320 Captain Non Type Rated
A320 Captain
Duty roster
10 days off per month including travel days,
16 days off every 2 months including travel days.
Salary and secundary benefits
Total Salary is based on PIC Flight time on heavy jet + Guaranteed Flight Pay + Flight Pay + Non Flight Credit hours. (Further details can be requested).


Signing Bonus for TR pilots,
20 days holiday,
5 days sick leave,
4 days refresh leave,
 Exchange rate Compensation Allowance (when >100JPY/USD),
 Local Commuting Allowance,
 Home Travel Allowance,
 Staff Travel,
 Layover Allowance,
 Moving Allowance,
 National Health Insurance (About 4,9%, half paid by company & half paid by Pilot)
 Loss of license insurance (50% of monthly salary is covered until 60 years of age),
 Pension scheme,
 Yearly bonus.
Interview procedure
1. Documents screening,
2. Skype Interview,
3. Screening (3 days, SIM, Medical, and Interview),
4. Results after 10 days.

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