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Suparna Airlines (formerly Yangtze River Express Airlines) was established in 2002 in Shanghai as the transportation subsidiary of HNA Group. After getting the passenger qualification in 2015 they are now committed to building a brand-new aviation company in China.

As of December 2016, Yangtze River Airlines operates a total of 22 aircraft, opening international and domestic passenger and freight routes to more than 60 domestic and international routes in the Mainland, Europe and the United States.

Since January 2003 the company always adheres to the "safety first" business philosophy resulting in the cumulative safe flight of more than 350,000 hours and maintaining a good record of safe operation.

As Suparna Airlines is expanding strongly in passenger aircraft in the next five years bases will also be opened on major transport routes that are current. Places like Anchorage, Amsterdam, Munich and Chicago are likely to become available.
25 aircraft: B737, B747 and B787. 30 B787 have been ordered to arrive through 2018-2019.
Current Vacancies
Captain B737 (NTR)

Captain B747 (NTR)

Captain B787 (NTR)
Salary and secundary benefits
$240.000 USD (untaxed)

Annual Leave
Paid Sick Leave
Loyalty Bonus
Contract Renewal Bonus
Instructor Allowance
Interview procedure
Online application forms, review of documents, 1 week assesment in Shanghai.

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