Captain Bombardier CRJ900


Company Info

China Express Airlines, also known as Huaxia Airlines, is China's first private regional airline and was established in May 2006.

The company offers a choice between residence in China, or month on/month off roster pattern. Typical schedules are 4 days on and 2 days off.

As resident you fly 900-950 hours per year, in the one month on/ one month off contract you fly 700-900 hours per year. (No more than 270 in 3 months).

China Express operates services from it's hub at Chongqing Airport, as well as secondary hubs at Guiyang Airport, Dalian Airport, Hohhot Airport and Xi'an Airport.

They fly mostly in China and operate to 3 international destinations.

Chongqing is a major city in southwest China. Administratively, it is one of China's four direct-controlled municipalities (the other three are Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin), and the only such municipality in China located far away from the coast. It is the largest city on Earth by city area.

Fleet Info

35 Bombardier CRJ900 with an average age of 3 years.


  • Valid FAA or EASA license with CL type rating,
  • 1000 hours PIC on CRJ 700 or CRJ 900 (part 121),
  • Minimum 5000 hours Total Flight Time,
  • Minimum 3 years experience in commercial aviation (part 121).

Salary & Benefits

Annual Income Resident Contract 1 month on/off contract
Minimum 900 hours: $213,000 US 700 hours: $163,000 US
Maximum 950 hours: $234,500 US 900 hours: $213,000 US
Basic salary $15,000 US $ 11,000 (months off incl.)
Housing allowance RMB 5,000 per month Hotel Accomodation
Travel Reimbursement $3,000/year $15,000/year
Duty Transportation Provided Provided
Vacation 60 days per year -
Basic flight time 900 hours/year 700 hours/year
Training Pay $6,000 US $6,0000 US
Loyalty Bonus 900-950hrs: $15,000-$22,000 US 700-950hrs: $5,000-$22,000 US
Safety Bonus 900-950hrs: $15,000-$22,000 US 700-950hrs: $5,000-$22,000 US
Overtime payment $150 US/hour $150 US/hour

Interview Procedure

To apply: send your resume, license, medical, passport and last three pages logbook to:

More information: Contact our team via email or +852 6602 3897 (Tel/Skype?WhatsApp).



Contact person

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